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​The TopGolfer Order of Merit

The TopGolfer Order of Merit  (OOM) is your chance to experience life on tour. Accumulate points throughout the season, climb the Order of Merit Table, qualify for the PlayOffs event at a top course and ultimately secure an invite to the TopGolfer Tour Championship at a leading golf resort at the end of September 2018. Deadline for joining the TopGolfer Order of Merit (excluding event winners who are automatically added to the leaderboard) is 13th July 2018, after our event at The Grange GC.

Here's how it works

Each of the 30 TopGolfer Tour Events carries a pot of OOM Points. Competitors at every event are awarded OOM Points based on where they finish in the field and these points accumulate throughout the season.

There is no limit to the number of events competitors can enter to earn OOM Points.

Once all the Tour events have been completed, the top 50 competitors (and ties) in the Order of Merit Table will be invited to compete in the TopGolfer Tour PlayOffs. You can see the latest Order of Merit standings HERE.

The TopGolfer Tour PlayOffs 2018

The TopGolfer Tour PlayOffs is an 18-hole shootout event to be played at Macreddin Golf Club in Co. Wicklow on Sunday 16th September 2018.

To qualify for the event, a competitor must finish in the top 50 of the TopGolfer Order of Merit at the end of the 30-Tour event season.

As a Championship Event, there will be a larger number of points up for grabs.

At the end of the PlayOffs, all competitors will be allocated OOM Points as determined by their finishing position. Once these points are added to those already acquired a final Order of Merit Table will be completed.

The TopGolfer Tour Championship 2018

The 36-hole season finale will take place across 2-days at Druids Glen Resort on 29th & 30th September 2018. Qualifiers for twenty-four invitations to this special weekend are as follows;

1) TopGolfer Tour Champion 2017 – Mr. Jamie McDonald.

2) Top 10 finishers at TopGolfer Tour PlayOffs 2018.

3) Top 13 on OOM Leaderboard, once PlayOffs points get added to the OOM Seasons total, and qualifiers from the PlayOffs are removed from the table.

Participation in the TopGolfer Order of Merit

To participate in the TopGolfer Order of Merit, competitors must purchase an Order of Merit Membership. This is available to buy from our team at Tour events or on our web site for €50. Anyone who purchases a membership tag will receive credit for the last event they played in prior to purchase. The deadline to buy an Order of Merit Bag Tag is 13th July 2018. The first 100 members will also receive a complementary tour-branded polo short from our tour partners.

Each Tour Event Winner will be presented with membership of the Order of Merit and will receive their points for the event they have won. They will not receive points for any previous events.

TopGolfer Order of Merit  - OOM Points table

POSITION Junior Scratch Cup Event  Senior Scratch Cup Event    Championship Event  
1st 4000 4000 4500
2nd 2850 3350 4000
3rd 2450 2950 3100
4th 2100 2600 2800
5th 1750 2250 2600
6th 1400 1900 2400
7th 1400 1900 2400
8th 1400 1900 2400
9th 1100 1600 2000
10th 1100 1600 2000
11th 1100 1600 2000
12th 1100 1600 2000
13th 850 1350 1600
14th 850 1350 1600
15th 850 1350 1600
16th 850 1350 1600
17th 650 1150 1200
18th 650 1150 1200
19th 650 1150 1200
20th 650 1150 1200
All other players    450 550 800

All finishers from 6th - 21st place will have points aggregated, so players on same score will accrue same points. Players in the field from 21st backward will receive the same number of TopGolfer OOM Points.

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