Top Golfer 2015 - Full Site and Schedule Coming Soon!

We are preparing our website for the 2015 season.

We are refreshing and preparing our website for the 2015 tour. Our aim is to re-open by February 6* with full details of our 35-event schedule, tour championship, our NEW Order of Merit, and a number of new partners. If you are in need of assistance while the site is down, you can contact us via twitter, facebook or by email (*subject to change)

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What is Top Golfer?

TopGolfer is a community for golfers who are dedicated and passionate enough about the game to call it an obsession. That obsession has to be matched by talent because our events are only open to golfers whose handicap is 9 or lower.

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Site Redesign.

While our site is being prepared for the 2015 season you can keep up to date by following Top Golfer on Twitter and Facebook. You can also email Top Golfer at