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Shaw Academy

TopGolfer.ie is delighted to team up with Shaw Academy, the best live online educators on the planet.

Shaw Academy believes that life is that which happens whilst planning for the future. It is crucial that we advance ourselves in order to secure the future for ourselves and our loved ones.

The days of travelling long distance, at great expense, to sit in a class room are becoming a distant memory for students of Shaw Academy. More importantly the eradication of this ‘down time’ means you have far more time for what matters to you. All education is provided through state of the art webinars [web based seminars] allowing you to seamlessly integrate exceptional, practical education into your daily life. Our programs can accommodate even the most hectic lives. This is achieved by ensuring that all lessons are also available in an ‘on demand’ format. They can be watched any time and from anywhere. Whether this is on your daily commute or 30 minutes in the evening whilst relaxing, you can be mastering new practical skills through your laptop, pc or even mobile device or tablet.

Shaw Academy offers a broad range of subjects that span vocational disciplines ranging from introductory to advanced levels by tutors that are acclaimed experts in their fields.


1- Study at your own pace with our state of the art online platform: review, refresh and catch up.

2- Flexible 100% online studying: all materials available 24/7 online from any mobile device.

3- Interact with lecturers and fellow students from all over the world in real time life lectures.

4- Enjoy a personalized approach: your progress is closely monitored and you will be supported by our dedicated academic team.

5- Learn from expert tutors who have real professional experience to share and a passion for education.

6- Focus on your studies and not your tuition fees – affordable fees without any compromise.

TOPGOLFER MEMBERS: All TopGolfer members now have the opportunity to participate in any individual Shaw Academy course completed free of charge.

Check out their wide array of live online courses via www.shawacademy.com

Visit the Shaw Academy website
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