TG Matchplay results plus LAST 16 DRAW

26 June 2019
TG Matchplay results plus LAST 16 DRAW Image

Below are the Round 1 and Round 2 results from the TopGolfer 2019 Matchplay, including the draw for Round 3 (last 16). 

The 2019 Matchplay Semi-Finals and Finals will take place at Moy Valley Resort on Sunday 8th September.


Baden Maher (4, Killarney) LOST 4/3 v Brian Curtin (7, Bandon)
Andy O'Shea (4, Bantry Bay) LOST 2/1 v Rory Dineen (3, Cork)
Brian Lenihan (9, Cork) WON W/O v Mark English (5, Faithlegg)
James Kennedy (7, Faithlegg) WON W/O v Thomas Martin (6, Tramore)
Chris Hayes (5, Wexford) WON 2UP v Sean Hegarty (6, Enniscorthy)
Richard McDonald (6, Ballymoney) LOST 2/1 v Tomas O'Leary (8, Enniscorthy)
Brian Dignam (5, Callan) LOST 2/1 v William Kelly (5, Mt. Wolseley)
Jamie Tutty (8, Mt. Wolseley) LOST 1UP v Nicky Walsh (5, Callan)
Niall O'Sullivan (4, Callan) WON 1UP v James Crotty (5, Kilkenny)
Paul Tuohy (6, Cahir Park) LOST 3/2 v Patrick Ryan (5, Tipperary)
Adam Toth (5, Ballyneety) LOST 2/1 v Tony O'Sullivan (5, Tipperary)
David Brabazon (4, Balbriggan) LOST W/O v Stephen Gethings (6, Co. Meath)
Peter Slevin (9, Balbriggan) LOST 1UP v Michael Stewart (6, Rockmount)
Mark McAuley (8, Corballis) WON 2/1 v Declan Walsh (7, Corrstown)
Michael Bolton (6, Portmarnock Links) WON 1UP v Eoin O'Carroll (6, St. Annes GC)
Gerard Campion (7, Clontarf) WON 1UP v Dermot Bradfield (6, Donabate)
Marcus Doyle (2, Arklow) LOST W/O v Stephen Finlan (6, The Castle)
Terry O'Reilly (8, Grange Castle) WON 19TH v John Keogh (8, Beech Park)
Robbie Shannon (9, The Hermitage) WON W/O v Marc Ennis (7, Grange Castle)
Paul McKeever (5, Grange Castle) LOST 3/2 v Anthony Flynn (7, Newlands)
Christopher Coffey (7, New Forest) WON W/O v Alan Brown (5, The Heritage)
Nicoara Alexandru (9, Newlands) LOST 5/4 v Gregg Santry (8, Mt. Juliet)
Gay Hannon (8, Millicent) LOST 1UP v Ali Powell (6, New Forest)
David Goode (5, Moyvalley) LOST W/O v Rob Fitzpatrick (1, Naas)
Brian Shannon (9, Coollattin) LOST 1UP v Aidan McDonald (9, Craddockstown)
Niall Culleton (8, The Heritage) LOST 2/1 v Martin Hogan (4, Tullamore)
Paul Hautz (8, Delgany) LOST 3/2 v Jeremy Cleary (5, Woodbrook)
David Fitzpatrick (4, Woodbrook) LOST 3/2 v Donal O'Gallagher (5, Greystones)
Terry Smyth (7, Powerscourt) LOST 7/5 v Dermot Synnott (4, Delgany)
Karl O'Neill (6, Woodbrook) LOST 8/7 v Ian Lucey (8, Ballinastoe)
Fergus Dunne (7, Galway) LOST 2UP v John Bodkin (5, Tuam)
John Whelan (4, Athenry) WON W/O v David Brady (0, Co. Sligo)


Rory Dineen (Cork) WON 1UP v Brian Curtin (Bandon)
James Kennedy (Faithlegg) LOST 20TH v Brian Lenihan (Cork)
Tomas O'Leary (Enniscorthy) LOST 6/5 v Chris Hayes (Wexford)
Nicky Walsh (Callan) LOST 3/1 v William Kelly (Mt. Wolseley)
Patrick Ryan (Tipperary) LOST W/O v Niall O'Sullivan (Callan)
Stephen Gethings (Co. Meath) WON 2/1 v Tony O'Sullivan (Tipperary)
Mark McAuley (Corballis) WON 4/2 v Michael Stewart (Rockmount)
Gerard Campion (Clontarf) WON W/O v Michael Bolton (Portmarnock Links)
Terry O'Reilly (Grange Castle) LOST 5/4 v Stephen Finlan (The Castle)
Anthony Flynn (Newlands) LOST 7/6 v Robbie Shannon (The Hermitage)
Gregg Santry (Mt. Juliet) WON 4/3 v Christopher Coffey (New Forest)
Rob Fitzpatrick (Naas) WON 3/2 v Ali Powell (New Forest)
Martin Hogan (Tullamore) LOST 19TH v Aidan McDonald (Craddockstown)
Donal O'Gallagher (Greystones) WON 3/2 v Jeremy Cleary (Woodbrook)
Ian Lucey (Ballinastoe) LOST 6/5 v Dermot Synnott (Delgany)
John Whelan (Athenry) WON 20TH v John Bodkin (Tuam)


Brian Lenihan (Cork) v Rory Dineen (Cork)
William Kelly (Mt.Wolseley) v Chris Hayes (Wexford)
Stephen Gethings (Co.Meath) v Niall O'Sullivan (Callan)
Gerard Campion (Clontarf) v Mark McAuley (Corballis)
Robbie Shannon (Hermitage) v Stephen Finlan (Castle)
Rob Fitzpatrick (Naas) v Gregg Santry (Mt.Juliet)
Donal O'Gallagher (Greystones) v Aidan McDonald (Craddockstown)
John Whelan (Athenry) v Dermot Synnott (Delgany)

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